About Tochal Restaurant

The Tochal Restaurant is hosted by persian food enthusiasts in the Richmond Hill of Toronto, Canada. A space with more than 50 people is a place suitable for holidays, which usually have delicious dining options, as well as a space suitable for your celebrations and weddings. The restaurant is licensed to entertain your spirits in your celebrations and celebrations. Our samovar always drinks and tea with a delicious aroma is ready to drink you. At our arrival, we will host you with a hot soup, which is a specialty soup for chefs to order your favorite food with patience. Be sure to go to our menu of food to see what is waiting for you. A great flavor and a great flavor. Enjoy your meal

Why chose Tochal Restaurant?

The taste of Iranian cuisine is ripe from Iran and in Canada, and the restaurant serves the best of it and the unique, 20-year-old experience of serving Iranian cuisine with the highest quality and delicious flavors and in the region of Richmond. An Irania


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  • Monday :     11 Am To 11 Pm
  • Tuesday :    11 Am To 11 Pm
  • Wednesday :11 Am To 11 Pm
  • Thursday :   11 Am To 11 Pm
  • Friday :        11 Am To 11 Pm
  • Saturday :    11 Am To 11 Pm
  • Sunday :      11 Am To 11 Pm
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